New Update v1.7.15 Now Available!

Great news! A new update (v1.7.15) have just passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms (Windows 10 & WinPhone, Android, iPhone and iPad) in the next 24 hours.

Important: Starting from June 28, the version v1.6.8 and older will no longer be supported. Please upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience!

What’s New:
● Introducing City Castle Level 17! – The level of all other buildings and technologies will be increased as well. This feature will be enabled on June 19!


1) City Castle (Level 17) requires Power Level 43
2) Command Center (Level 17) requires at least one Level 17 Barracks
3) Barracks (Level 17) requires at least one Level 17 Crystal Storage
4) Academy (Level 17) requires at least one Level 17 Gold Storage
5) Hospital (Level 17) requires at least one Level 17 Mithril Storage

● Introducing Event! – This feature will be re-enabled in a few days! A system message will be sent out when it’s ready!


1) Participate Events to earn milestone rewards, including Gems, items and resources!
2) Become a leader in events to earn leaderboard rewards!
3) Collaborate with your Guild members to earn Wood / Bronze / Silver / Gold / Crystal Gifts for your Guild!
Note that, those who didn’t participate the Guild event will NOT receive the Guild Gifts.

● Introducing Hero! – This feature will be enabled on June 28!


1) This is an initial release of Hero! Lots of new features around hero will be enabled in future updates!
2) Hero earns experience from participating battles. Bring him whenever you can!
3) Develop Hero’s Talent Tree to gain powerful bonus.
Note that, in the initial release, you can NOT drop your Hero on the battleground, so he will be playing a defensive role for now until future updates.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:
● Leaderboard – When calculating Power rank in the Leaderboard, we will now break ties by players’ Honor Points.
● Fixed a bug that occasionally, when using the Building Health Buff, the damaged buildings will gain full health without proper repair. This fix will be applied on June 28 after the older versions are disabled.
● Fixed a bug that when viewing other kingdoms’ Mini-map, it is not immediately updated.

P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!