New Update v1.8.0 Now Available!

Great news! A new update (v1.8.0) have just passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms (Windows 10 & WinPhone, Android, iPhone and iPad) in the next 24 hours.

Important: this update contains major improvements to Event and Kingdom vs. Kingdom Battles, download at your earliest convenience!

Important: the Kingdom vs Kingdom Kill Event between K2 and K3 will start on 8PM, July 23rd (System PST time)!
Caution: Shield of cities on the Lava Crack will be disabled when the Kingdom Kill Event starts, and you cannot activate City Shield on the Lava Crack during the Kill Event!

What’s New:
● Fixed a few issues related to Kingdom vs. Kingdom Battles

To ensure the best cross-kingdom battle experience, install the latest version at your earliest convenience! However, if you are not able to update just yet, you will still be able to participate the events and kill enemies, just be aware there might be some non-blocking issues. For example, during KvK event, the City Shield cannot be enabled on the Lava Crack. If you try to shield with an older client, your game might choose to close itself rather than giving a friendly “you cannot do that” message.

● Significantly improved Events by adding more variations, bigger rewards, as well as bug fixes!

We have now added more variations of Event and fixed several point calculation related bugs in the latest client update. But these changes are pending server updates, therefore, expect new Events being added graduatly in the coming weeks! Keep an eye on the game News for announcement when they become available! The bug fixes on the point calculation will take effect within a week once most players upgrade to the latest version. Thanks for your patience while we are improving the Events!

● Introducing a much easier way to send a coordination to Guild Chat or through Mail!


● Now you can check the Army load information when putting an army together!


● Added the resource indicator to the “Send Unit From” list and the Army Panel

resource indicator

● Rival Kingdom will be displayed as Red Temple during the Kill Event – Kill the Red!


P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.
P.S.S. If your game becomes laggy after the update, please try reinstalling the game. When the Store updates an app, sometime it left redundant files in the cache and causes performance issues. Reinstallation will clean up cache and allow the game to run smoothly.
P.P.S.S. if your game update is stuck at pending status, the quickest way to get it sorted is to get in touch with the Store support (Microsoft / Google / Apple), or check out Menu > Help > Download & Update for workarounds recommended by some our players!

Check back frequently for more exciting news!