New Update v1.8.15 Now Available!

Great news! A new update (v1.8.15) have just passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms (Windows 10 & WinPhone, Android, iPhone and iPad) in the next 24 hours.

Per players’ feedback, it may take 3 ~ 5 days for the game to be available for download on Windows Phone Store in different countries. It’s recommended to turn on the auto-update feature on your device.

What’s New:

● Great news for Windows PC players – This release added better support for Mouse & Keyboard!

1) Use the Key #1,…, #6 as a shortcut to quickly select troops during a battle or in summoning. These shortcuts will only show up on Windows PC; mobile players won’t see them.


2) You can now use the Key “Esc” to close a dialog or exit the game.


3) Improved the list view scrolling behavior – Now the dialog background will not be zoomed when using the mouse to scroll through the list.

● Added the capability to turn off partial animations for better performance – this setting is particular useful to improve the game’s performance during Temple battles or for low end devices.


● Added the capability to specify your Target Translation Language for Mail – For some players, the auto-translation service cannot detect their device language properly, this setting allows them to manually overwrite the target language.


● Added the system capability to automatically transfer the Guild leadership to an active co-leader if the current leader becomes inactive for 1 month. (This feature will be enabled after most players update to the new version)

Attention Guild Leaders – to maintain your leadership and prevent it being automatically transferred to a co-leader, please stay active and sign into the game at least once every 30 days! Once the leadership is auto-transferred to another player, the change is final. Our support staff will not be able to get your leadership back!

● Disabled the Push Notification for Event Reward System Mail (This change will be enabled after most players update to the new version)

● Fixed a bug that occasionally, when using the Building Health Buff, the damaged buildings will gain full health without proper repair. The fix will be applied on Aug 8th after the older versions are disabled.
● Fixed a bug to prevent the Mail loading error when the Translation Service is temporary unavailable.
● Fixed a bug to avoid duplicated army name.
● Guild leader now must pass the leadership to another player before s/he can quit the Guild (unless s/he is the last member in the guild).

P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

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