New Update v1.9.17 Available Soon!

Update – City Castle Level 18 is now available!

Happy Early Thanksgiving! We have a great news! A new update (v1.9.17) have just passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms (Windows 10 & WinPhone, Android, iPhone and iPad) in the next 24 hours!

Note – the highly anticipated Arena & Elite Units are still under testing, and will be released one week from now on Nov 22nd!

What’s New:

● Introducing City Castle Level 18! – The level of all other buildings and technologies will be increased as well. This feature will be enabled on Nov 15!


1) City Castle (Level 18) requires Power Level 45
2) Command Center (Level 18) requires at least one Level 18 Barracks
3) Barracks (Level 18) requires at least one Level 18 Crystal Storage
4) Academy (Level 18) requires at least one Level 18 Gold Storage
5) Hospital (Level 18) requires at least one Level 18 Mithril Storage

● Support auto-translation for Chat and Guild Bulletin!

You can now communicate with your fellow guild members from around the world in your own language! Once the Auto-translation is turned on, all chat messages will be automatically translated into a language of your choice, and your chat messages will be automatically translated into theirs.


You can specify your Target Translation Language for Chat & Guild Bulletin in Menu > Settings > UI Options:


● Introducing Snow Theme!

Caution – Warm your hands before mining!

crystal-tile_02_snow2 mitrhril-03-tile_snow2 gold-tile-leve01_snow

Sorry, all lakes are closed during Winter! No swimming or scuba diving!

lake03_1x1_snow lake_closed_sign

● Introducing Instant Finish – you can now instantly complete any building construction or upgrade with remaining time of 5 minutes or less!


● Hero is now stationed in your Command Center when he is in your city!


P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

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