‘Reaper’ now Available in Academy!

Update – The Elite Unit “Reaper” is now available in Academy.

We received many questions regarding to the Elite Units, so please take a moment to read the following information:

  • Elite Units do not guarantee a better kill ratio! Their kill ratio highly depends on when and where they are deployed on the battleground. These are strategic troops that requires skill & practice to master. Therefore, please use them with caution & strategy and practice on Skeleton Villages before taking them to PvP battles!

Elite Unit Activation Schedule (PST time): 

  • Mammoth: 6:00PM, 12/02 – now available!
  • Mammoth’s special ability: 6:00PM, 12/09 – now available!
  • Reaper & its special ability: 6:00PM, 12/09 – now available!

Unit Housing Space and Special Abilities:
Different from standard troops, Elite Units occupy more housing / marching space. They are stronger and tougher, and each of the Elite Units possess a special ability. For example, Lava Bomb may go ballistic and cause a massive explosion in 2x size of its normal range.


Elite Unit Technology can be activated & upgraded in Academy.


Check back frequently for more updates!