New Update v1.10.1 Now Available!

Attention Warlords! A new update (v1.10.1) have passed the certification and is now available for download on all platforms!

Note that, Starting from Dec 22, the version v1.9.25 and older will no longer be supported. Please upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience!

Christmas Tree (available at 20:00, 12/24)
● Giant Christmas Tree will be unlocked near the Temple area. Collect Free Gift once every day throughout the holiday!
● Christmas Tree will disappear automatically after New Year, hurry before they are gone.

Balance (Activated)
The way we approach unit balance is a combination of play-testing and looking at the stats – particular, unit usage rates and casualty rates. In this round of balance changes, we’re making Elite Units available to players at a lower level and rebalancing Mammoth’s overall stats to limits his health strength. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

● All Elite Units: unlock requirement drops to Academy Level 16!
● Mammoth: Unit Space drops to 3, Health /Attack /Defense points adjusted accordingly to match its Unit Space.

● Adding the function to support “Log out from all other devices“! – With this function, you can force your account to be logged out from all the other devices. Once being logged out, you will need to re-enter the registered email and the latest password to access the account again.


● Storm of Wars is now fully compatible with Microsoft Universal Apps.
● Better performance and stability for Windows devices.
● Fixed the Copy/Paste issue on Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10.
● Fixed the issue that @ symbol cannot be entered on some Windows devices in non-English languages.

Hero (Activated)
● Unlock 10 new hero levels!

Faction War Changes (available at 20:00, Jan 2)
Fortress / Temple Troop Cap will be increased from 25,000 to 30,000.
Contest Period of Fortress and Citadel during Faction War will be decreased to “3d, 4d, 5d, 6d” (from “3d, 5d, 7d, 9d”). See details below.
● This change will not impact Fortresses / Citadels that are currently being contested.


City Shield Changes (available at 20:00, Jan 2)
City Shield can no longer be activated on Lava Crack in all kingdoms. This change will take effect at 20:00, Jan 2!
● Once the change takes effect, the shields of all cities on the Lava Crack will be disabled!
● If your city stays on the Lava Crack, the City Shield cannot be activated.
● if you teleport a shielded city to the Lava Crack, the shield will be disabled.

● Gives a warning when using protected resources while under attack.
● Adjusted the sequence of Menu icons to reserve rooms for more features in the future.
Quest entry point was removed from Menu to save room for coming new feuatures. You can still easily access your Quest from the Quest button in the City View.

Bug Fixes: 
● Fixed a bug where the Hero could be sent out alone and walks as a Minotaur. With the fix, you must include some other units along with the Hero when building an army.

P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

Check back frequently for more updates!