Cross-kingdom Faction War is coming!


(This News has been translated into Russian language. You can find it in Menu > Help)

Attention Warlords! The New Arena is coming soon to Ancient Kingdoms! Stay tuned for the release date!

After gathering the feedback from Ancient kingdoms, we re-designed the entire Arena and changed it from Guild-based Territory War to “Cross-Kingdom Faction War“.

What’s Cross-Kingdom Faction War (New Arena)?
The New Arena is called Cross-kingdom Faction War, which works as a Faction War among Ancient Kingdoms!

  • It takes place in the Arena and follows the same rules as Faction War.
  • Each Arena involves 3 to 4 ancient kingdoms. Each Ancient Kingdom joins the Arena as a Faction (of its own).
  • All Guilds & Players (who choose to join the Arena) from the same kingdom will be teleported into the same Faction.

Important: Within 7 days after the Arena opens, all Guilds and Players have a ONE-TIME option to change their Faction. It is entirely your choice who you want to fight with or against! Choose at will and wisely!

What if two kingdoms belong to the same Faction? 
If 2 or more kingdoms belong to the same faction, we will reach out and work with the Legendary Kings (or the leader of the guild with most power) to choose different Factions. If the conflict cannot be worked out peacefully, a Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Event will be organized among these two kingdoms to settle the conflict.

This will decide the *default* Faction in Arena that the kingdom’s players will be teleported to at the beginning. After that and within 7 days of Arena opening, each Guild or player from the Kingdom will have a ONE-TIME option to change their Faction.

What happens to the *Vacant* Faction?
If an Arena involves only 3 Kingdoms, there will be one vacant Faction. Any Guild or player can choose to join this Faction and lead it to the victory. If no one joins the vacant Faction, then it will be guarded by Skeletons. Any other Faction can invade and conquer this vacant Faction and earn the Striking Rewards.

Can I choose to Opt-out of the Cross-Kingdom Faction War? 
Yes! And in fact, each Guild / Player must Opt-in to the Arena in order to participate the Cross-Kingdom Faction War. For those who wants to stay out of the Arena:

  • As long as you don’t choose to join the Arena, your city will not be teleported into Arena automatically.
  • If your Guild leader decides to join the Arena, but you don’t want to, please quit your Guild before your leader makes the decision.
  • Once you join the Arena, you can no longer opt-out!
  • Players who opt-out Arena will not receive any rewards from Arena, for example, Arena Event Rewards or Arena Faction War rewards.
  • Players who opt-out Arena will not be able to gain Arena Honor Points.

Hospital Energy
The Hospital Energy will be activated within the Arena Area. This will limit the max amount of troops a player can heal continuously.

Gold Tiles
Level 5 Gold Tiles will be spawned through the Arena, including Homelands of the four Factions.

Arena Points
During the Cross-kingdom Faction War, players will earn Arena Points, instead of the standard honor points.

Lava Crack
The Lava Crack area of Fortresses, Citadel and Temple  will be increased to its initial size. This will limit players with high-level Attack Range to direct attack the center from outside of the Lava area.

Winning Rewards
The Arena Winning Rewards will be announced later in a separate News!

When the Cross-kingdom Faction War ends

  • When one Faction is defeated, players in that Faction will have a chance to join another Faction and continually participate the Arena War (just like how it works in the Faction War).
  • When one Faction defeats ALL other factions, the Arena ends and all the players will return to their Home Kingdoms after the FINAL round of rewards are deposited.

Check back often for more updates!