New Update v2.2.1 Available Soon!

Update – The older versions will no longer be supported starting on 6/9. Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Attention Warlords! A new update (v2.2.1) have just passed the certifications on all platforms and will be available for download in the next 24 hours! It may takes longer (48 ~ 72 hours) for the update to be available for download on Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

Notice: The older versions (v2.0.3 or below) will no longer be supported starting on 6/11 6/9.

What’s NEW
●  Major update to enable the upcoming Cross Kingdom Faction War! – We have gathered lots of questions from players and will update the Game’s FAQs tomorrow to provide answers to them all. A News update will be posted once the FAQs are ready.
●  Reduced the Arena’s initial Change-Faction Period from 7 days to 5 days per players’ feedback.
●  Lava Crack – The Lava Crack area of Fortresses, Citadel and Temple will be increased to its initial size (32×32). This change applies to all kingdoms! It will limit players with high-level Attack Range to direct attack the center forts from outside of the Lava area.


Arena Sign Up Period: 
22:00, June 8 ~ June 11
, 2017, PST time

Arena Opens:
10:00, June 12
, 2017, PST time

Arena Faction War Starts:
10:30, June 17
, 2017, PST time


Release Notes
Many players asked us why it took months to implement the Cross Kingdom Faction War. When it comes to games, the breakthrough in game play experience is often not driven by creatives, but by technologies.

5 years ago in Kingdom Building War games, players were restricted to interact with only players within their own kingdoms, and there was no way for players to communicate or battle with others across kingdoms because of technical limitations as these kingdoms sat behind of physical boundaries like databases, computers and world regions.

With the latest technologies and cloud computing, many games today can offer cross-kingdom communication; a few games can even support cross kingdom killing events for a limited & short period of time, all for one reason – scalability of machines’ computing power.

Technologies unlock new game play experience. Enabling players from any kingdoms /databases to be matched together, communicate, join force, or wage wars against each other on the same battleground in real-time for a long period of time, requires a whole new level of technology breakthrough.

With this breakthrough and several months of hard work, we bring you the “Cross Kingdom Faction War“! Hope you enjoy this unique game play experience as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Check back often for more exciting news!