New Update v2.6.0 Available Soon!

Attention Warlords! A new update (v2.6.0) have just passed the certifications on all platforms and will be available for download in the next 24 hours!

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
●  Fixed a bug which caused the city’s protected Gold resource occasionally could not be used when under attack if the city’s Gold Storage capacity is very small or none.
●  Fixed a bug which occasionally caused unusual large amount of Gold / Gem cost on March when being attacked.
●  Worked around a network issue that occasionally caused players not able to teleport onto an empty tile.
●  Guild Gift improvements (Pending server activation).
●  New Quest notification will no longer be displayed on Menu icon.
●  Improved the Skeleton Village spawn logic to continually spawn in homeland after the Faction Border is pushed in.

Faction War Adjustments: 
●  An invading Faction must conquer all 5 adjacent Fortresses near another Faction’s Citadel and hold them through the contested period in order to attack that Citadel.

●  Added Japanese language translation for Game UI

Check back often for more updates!