New Update v2.7.2 Now Available!

Attention warlords! A new update (v2.7.2) are available for download on all platforms!

Note that, starting from 8/31, the older versions will no longer be supported. Please upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience!

What’s New:

● Introducing City Castle Level 19! – The level of all other buildings and technologies will be increased as well. This new level will be unlocked on 8/31!


• City Castle (Level 19) requires Power Level 49!
• Command Center (Level 19) requires at least one Level 19 Barracks
• Barracks (Level 19) requires at least one Level 19 Crystal Storage
• Academy (Level 19) requires at least one Level 19 Gold Storage
• Hospital (Level 19) requires at least one Level 19 Mithril Storage

● Introducing Level 6 Gold Tile!


• The new Gold Tiles will offer 250% capacity and 2x mining speed!
• Level 6 Gold Tiles will be spawned in WarZone regions.
• Level 6 Gold Tiles will be spawned in Arena 101, 102, and Kingdom #8 ~ #20.

● Improved the auto-battle in collisions! – This change will take effect on 8/31!
With this improvement, the army camps from both sides will be moved further apart, which allows troops more room to form their battle formations and fight to their full strengths.


● Arena & Faction War Kill Events ends this weekend!
This weekend will be the last round of the Arena and Faction War Kill Events. New events will be announced soon!

if you can’t find the update, try to turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!