Hail to the Legendary Queen of K16!

kingdom united_K16_2

The Water faction has won the Faction War in Kingdom #16. Congratulations to the Legendary Queen (T9X) .Rianne. and her Governors! Hail to the Legendary QUEEN!

Note that, the Governors were finalized when the Temple was shielded regardless whether they were in contested period or not.

Kingdom Rename
As promised, the Legendary Queen will be granted the power to rename the kingdom. The new Kingdom name will be announced once it is decided by the Queen.

Rewards for Ruling Guilds
In additional to the Faction War rewards, the ruling guilds will receive Ten Guild Gifts (either Crystal or Gold gifts) in 24 hours. Note, one guild will not receive more than 10 Gifts.

The Legendary Queen’s Guild will receive 10 Crystal Guild Gifts.


The Governors‘ Guilds will each receive 10 Gold Guild Gifts.


To players in other kingdoms – if the Temple is still in the Contested period when the last Citadel falls, the Legendary King will not be announced until a Guild is able to hold the Temple through the contested period. The Governors (owners of citadels) will be immediately announced at the time when the Temple falls regardless whether they are in contested period or not.

Check back often for more News!