Introducing the Most Powerful Title • “Emperor”!


Attention Warlords! We are introducing the most powerful title in Storm of Wars – Emperor!

What’s Emperor?
The most powerful lord in the realm of Storm of Wars will be entitled Emperor!

• The Emperor will be upgraded directly to the most advanced City Castle, which can temporarily travel to any kingdom for friendly visits.
• The Emperor will be empowered with special abilities to manage kingdoms, as well as gifts to reward guild members.


How to become an Emperor?

  • When the Faction War in Arena (K101) and Arena (K102) finishes, the two Legendary Kings will lead their guilds to compete in a special event. The leader of the winning Guild will be crowned Emperor!

How to challenge the Emperor title?

  • Tournaments will be organized in the future periodically
  • Each round of the tournaments give you a chance to challenge the Emperor for the supreme title.

Check back frequently for more details and exciting news!