New Update v2.8.0 Available Soon!

Attention Warlords! A new update (v2.8.0) have just passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms in the next 24 hours.

What’s New:
● Introducing Medals!
Special Medals will be given to Arena‘s Legendary KingGovernors and the players who scored the Top 100 on the Arena Points leaderboard when Arena 102 closes on 9/27. These Medals will be sealed to the Lord Profile and last permanently.


Elite Unit restriction in new kingdoms
When a new kingdom opens in the future, the Elite Units will be locked temporarily at the beginning before the Faction War starts. These Elite Units will be unlocked when the kingdom is deemed ready for Faction War.

P.S. if you can’t find the update after 24 hours, turn your device off and turn it back on, then the update may show.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!