Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The Thanksgiving Super Sale begins now in the Gem Shop. It includes a Thanksgiving Turkey with delicious Guild Gifts!

And that’s not all! We cooked a Giant Thanksgiving Turkey for Arena K101 and Kingdoms (K4 – K21), and set the table right next to the Temple. Hurry up, they will last for 4 days, collect your free gifts, once every day before they are gone!


  • Please upgrade your game to the latest version 2.11.0 to see the Turkeys!
  • If you quit your guild, you can no longer collect the gifts from Turkeys served by your last guild! All uncollected Turkey gifts will be lost.

To serve the Thanksgiving Turkey for your guild members, you need put them in the world view (outside of Lava Crack), from which all your guild members can collect a Guild Gift every day until it disappears in 4 days! Additionally, a limited number of players outside of your guild can collect a Stone gift every day, first come first serve!


Stay tuned for more exciting news!