4-way KvK Fortress Conquer Events  • Coming soon!


Attention warlords! The 4-way KvK Fortress Conquer Event is coming this weekend! This Kingdom vs. Kingdom Event will last for 24 hours! Get ready to BURN the rival kingdom! Crush your enemies and conquer their Fortresses, but watch out – invaders are coming to challenge yours!

Note that, in this special 4-way KvK Fortress Conquer Event, the two Kingdoms that scores the most Points in each Event will both be rewarded with Gem tiles. Among the two winning kingdoms, the Kingdom that scores the 2nd position will be rewarded with 50% of Gem Tiles;

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time 4-way KvK Events (24 hours)
8:00, 1/27 (Saturday) K4 vs. K5 vs. K6 vs. K7 
9:00, 1/27 (Saturday) K9 vs. K11 vs. K15 vs. K16 


This is a special Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) Event for Fortresses Conquering!


  • During this Event, Temples in the participant Kingdoms will be closed and shielded throughout the Event, but ALL War Zone Fortresses will be opened for attack!
  • At the beginning of the Event, War Zone Fortresses will be reset to its initial status guarded by Skeletons to be fair for all Guilds!
  • All armies stationed in Fortresses will be returned to their Cities instantly at the beginning of the Event.
  • Killing troops on the Lava Crack will grant more points than other areas!
  • Holding the Fortresses will grant significant amount of points!

Event Rules

  • You cannot teleport to another Kingdom if you have armies outside of your city!
  • During this Event, the Teleport Cool-down will be decreased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Within the last 10 minutes before your Cross Kingdom Pass expires, you cannot initiate an attack against any rival players. No one can attack you either.
  • Players from Rival Kingdoms can still stay inside of your kingdom after the Event ends until their Cross-Kingdom Pass expires, so it is still NOT safe within a few hours after the KvK Event ends!

The Winning Kingdom
The Kingdoms that scores the most Points in the Kingdom Events wins the competition and will be rewarded with Gem tiles.

Gem tie Lv02

Event Bonus

  • When battling enemy players from the Rival Kingdoms, your Hero gains 50% more Experience points!

More info about Kingdom Kill Events can be found at:
Menu > Help > Event > What are Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events?

Check back often for more updates!