4-way KvK Fortress Conquer Events • The Result!


Update – The Result of KvK Kill Events is LIVE! 

The Gem tiles will be spawned in the winning Kingdom. More KvK events will be announced soon!

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time KvK Events (24 hours) Gem Tile Re-spawn Time (PST)
08:00, 1/27 (Saturday)
K4 vs. K5 vs. K6 vs. K7
(K4 Won 1st Place, K7 Won 2nd Place)
08:00, 01/31/2018
09:00, 1/27 (Saturday)
K9 vs. K11 vs. K15 vs. K16
(K11 Won 1st Place, K9 Won 2nd Place)
09:00, 01/31/2018

The Winning Kingdom
The Kingdom that scores the most Points in the Kingdom Events wins the competition and will be rewarded with Gem tiles.

Gem tie Lv02

More info about Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events: 
Menu > Help > Event (Kingdom vs. Kingdom) > What are Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events?

Check back often for more updates!