New Update v2.12.2 Now Available!


Great news! A new update (v2.12.2) have passed the certification and is now available for download on all platforms.

What’s New:

● The Throne War is coming!
● The first Kingdom Merge is coming in March!

What’s Throne War?


  • The Throne War will be organized among the most powerful guilds of Storm of Wars.
  • The Guild that secures the Throne during the event wins the Throne War!
  • The leader of the winning Guild will be crowned Emperor / Empress!
  • The Emperor / Empress will be upgraded directly to the most advanced City Castle, which can temporarily travel to any kingdom for friendly visits.
  • The Emperor / Empress will be empowered with the ability to grant titles with special bonus to other players.

  When will the Throne War be organized? 

  • The 1st Throne War will be organized after the Legendary King of Arena 101 is announced.
  • The Legendary King of Arena 101 and his/her Guild will be given about 1~2 week to prepare for the Throne War.

  Who can participate? 

  • The two Legendary Kings and their guilds who win Arena 101 and Arena 102 will be automatically entered into the Throne War.
  • The special Cross-Kingdom Guild War is back! We will organize two Cross-kingdom Guild Wars among K8, K9, K10K11, K15, K16 (and K20 if it becomes ancient in 2 weeks). The two winning guilds of the Guild Wars will also be entered into the Throne War.

  How to challenge the supreme title?

  • The Throne War will be organized monthly going forward.
  • Each round of the Throne War will give you a chance to challenge the Emperor / Empress and his/her guild for the supreme title.

What’s Kingdom Merge? 

  • The first Kingdom Merge will be organized in March (after the Throne War).
  • A KvK Event will be organized where the winner will absorb the loser’s Kingdom, and all its active players.
  • The kingdoms that will participate the first Kingdom Merge and the KvK Event details will be announced later this month.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!