Cross-kingdom Guild War is coming!

Guild War 3

♦ UPDATE ♦ – A list of frequent asked questions (Q&A) have been added at the end of the news! Moreover, per feedback, the Arena Points will not be used in this round of Cross-kingdom Guild War.

Attention Warlords! The Cross-kingdom Guild War is back! All newly united kingdoms can participate the Cross-kingdom Guild War. The winning Guilds will get an opportunity to participate the Throne War and challenge the supreme title – Emperor / Empress!

Participating Kingdoms:

Time (2 weeks) Arena  Cross-kingdom Guild War 
08:00, 02/24 – 08:00, 3/10 Arena 111 K8 vs. K9 vs. K10 vs. K11
08:00, 02/24 – 08:00, 3/10 Arena 112 K15 vs. K16 vs. K18 vs. K20


What’s Cross-kingdom Guild War?

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 2.59.14 AM

The Cross-Kingdom Guild War is battled at the Guild Level. Each guild can create a homeland of their own by conquering regions and expanding their territory. The Cross-kingdom Guild War will last for 2 weeks.

  • Important: During this round of Guild War, you can teleport between the Arena and your home kingdom, however, the Advanced Teleport cooldown will be applied as usual. If you wish to opt-out of the Guild War, simply stay inside your home kingdom, and your city will not be teleported into the Arena.

Winning Condition

  • The Guild that scores the highest territory points in Arena wins the Cross-kingdom Guild War!
  • Important: the winning guilds of both Guild Wars will be automatically entered into the upcoming Throne War!

Resource Tiles

  • Level 5 Gold Tiles will be spawned through the Arena.
  • Other resource tiles will be evenly spawned in all regions.

Guild’s Territory

  • When your guild conquers a Fortress and holds it through the contested period, this region will become your guild’s territory.
  • The closer a region is to the center, the more points it grants towards the Arena Event.

Guild’s Homeland

  • When your guild conquers 5 adjacent regions (shown in the above image), the center region will become your guild’s homeland and a homeland border will rise to protect it.
  • The border prevents enemy guilds from teleporting their cities into your guild’s homeland. Be aware, however, that it doesn’t stop their armies from crossing.
  • The border also protects the Fortresses in your guild’s homeland from being attacked by enemy guilds.
  • To push back an enemy guild’s homeland border, a guild must conquer at least one adjacent region outside of the border.

Arena Points (CUT)

  • Per feedback, to avoid confusion, the Arena Points will not be used in this round of Cross-kingdom Guild War.
  • The Arena War Solo Reward (Solo Kill Event) will be based on the standard Troop Kill Points; and the Arena War Guild Reward will be based on the territory amount the guild owns. Both will be presented in the Event page.


  • [Question]: Will players be able to change guilds on that Arena or join guilds from other kingdoms?
    Players will be able to join another guild from their own kingdom in the Arena. It is currently NOT supported to join a guild from a different kingdom in the Guild War.
  • [Question]: Will there be any medals for this Arena?
    Yes, there will be Guild War Medals for this round of Arenas.
  • [Question]: Will players teleport to the Arena individually? If a guild leader teleports to the Arena, it doesn’t mean that all his/her guild will follow automatically, right? So it could happen that a guild leader is relaxing in the home kingdom while his/her guild members are fighting for him/her in the Arena? 🙂
    Yes, players can teleport to the Arena individually. When the leader teleports into Arena, their members will not be automatically teleported into Arena and they can teleport at a later time when they are ready.

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