Arena P.O.R.K


As promised, the Legendary King (PE) Kungfupower was granted the SPECIAL right to rename Arena #101.

Congratulations, Arena P.O.R.K!

You have fought an incredible Cross-Kingdom Faction War which lasted for the longest time among all Arenas and Kingdoms till this day! Each and everyone of you who participated this Arena made it the most EPIC war in Storm of Wars’ history!

An insane amount of total Arena Points were scored in this Arena by all faction players. Among the most fearless and powerful warlords, FIVE of them created history by scoring more than 50 Millions Arena Points, and TWO of them scored an unbelievable 80+ Millions Arena Points!

A permanent special Medal was rewarded to these FIVE players who scored the most Arena Points:

  • 83M · Kungfupanda
  • 81M · …RIP…
  • 63M · WillisDylan
  • 62M · Goodbye.K3
  • 52M · Lidskjalv

A special shout out to the warlords who scored the TOP 3 in the Arena Point Leaderboard:

Arenapoints_no1 Arenapoints_no2 Arenapoints_no3

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