The Throne War Kill Event • The Result!


Update – The Result of Throne War Kill Events is LIVE! 

Congratulations to all who participated the Throne War Kill Events. The Gem tiles will be spawned in the winning Kingdom.

Participating Kingdoms: 

Start Time (PST) Throne War Kill Events Winning Guild Gem Tile Respawn Time (PST)
12:00, 05/04 (Friday) K1, K3, K5, K7 (K5 Won)  RebornK5  08:00, 05/09/2018
12:00, 05/04 (Friday) K2, K4, K6, K8 (K6 Won)  DeathAscendinG  08:00, 05/09/2018
12:00, 05/04 (Friday) K11, K17, K18 (K11 Won)  WaterAirRangers  08:00, 05/09/2018
12:00, 05/04 (Friday) K19, K20, K21 (K21 Won)  Assassins.  08:00, 05/09/2018

Throne War Kill Event – Gem Tile Rewards
The Guild that scores the most points in the Throne War Kill Event (by holding the Throne for the longest time) wins the competition, and also the Gem Tile Rewards for its home Kingdom!

Gem tie Lv02

More information about Throne War can be found at:
Menu > Help > Throne War

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