Level 20 & Anubis available on 6/8!

Update – The City Castle Level 20 & Anubis will be unlocked on 20:00, 6/8 (PST time)! 

Attention warlords! A new update (v3.5.6) is available for download on all platforms! Note that, starting from 6/8, the older versions will no longer be supported. Please upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience!

What’s New:
City Castle Level 20 will be unlocked on 6/8! – All buildings will be upgraded with new looks! All technologies will be upgraded as well.



• City Castle (Level 20) requires Power Level 53!
• Command Center (Level 20) requires at least one Level 20 Barracks
• Barracks (Level 20) requires at least one Level 20 Crystal Storage
• Academy (Level 20) requires at least one Level 20 Gold Storage
• Hospital (Level 20) requires at least one Level 20 Mithril Storage

A new Elite Unit “Anubis” will be unlocked on 6/8!

Thank you all for sending us your feedback on Anubis! Our support team received an incredible amount of messages and we have reviewed each and every one of them! The rewards will not only go to the 1st 3 players who guessed it right, but also the players whose ideas are creative and fun! The reward list will be announced via News, stay tuned!

Check out the Anubis video below (view it in HD for the best quality!):

  • How does “Anubis” attack? 
    Anubis deals splash damage to all surrounding enemies or buildings with his whirlwind blow! The power of his sword puts him among the most powerful units in the Elite class!
  • What’s Anubis special ability? 
    The Anubis was the god of the dead and guide of souls. His special ability grants him a chance to summon a lightning and kill an entire unit group all at once instantly!


(Note that, previously a picture of the higher-level Anubis was shared and it has been corrected in the latest version of the client update. The higher levels of units will be unlocked in the future release.)

P.S. if you can’t find the update, try to turn your device off and turn it on again, then the update may show.

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