Anubis · Contest Winners!


Attention warlords! Today we are super excited to announce the winners of the Anubis Contest!

We received so many creative and fun ideas from the community. The developers had lots of fun reading each and every single one of these ideas, mixed with light coffee, we all had a great time discussing and imagining what the Anubis could be like with these great ideas. Thank you all for writing to us!

Here come the winners: 

10000 Gems for Champions! – The Champions are the players who guessed both the Anubis Attack and his Special Ability right. Congratulations to our two champions K8 · (D26) C.I.D and K2 · (UN.) OxoThuk!

 anubis-champion-01 anubis-champion-02


3000 Gems for Winners! – The Winners are the player who guessed either the Anubis Attack or his special ability right, but not both. For this contest only, all of the winners will receive 3000 Gems.

When will you receive the rewards:

● Both the champions and winners will receive their rewards within 24 hours. A Gem Card will be deposited directly into your Bag.
 You will also receive an in-game mail confirming the reward.

Check back often for more updates!