Kingdom Merge Event – Update!

Kingdom Merge

Updated with the kingdom merge event details! 

Attention Warlords! The Kingdom Merge Event is coming to selected kingdoms next week on 7/14/2018.

Get ready! The following kingdoms have been selected to participate in the first Kingdom Merge Event. The winning Kingdom will wipe out the defeated kingdom and absorb all its players. Soon your kingdom will become stronger and more powerful than ever with more forces joining together! Don’t miss out this thrilling event and get prepared to fight for your kingdom – one more time!

This event is coming soon. So get your Troops training and your Research running! Stay tuned to more detailed information!

Participating Kingdoms: 

Start Time Kingdom Merge Events 
08:00, 07/14 (Saturday)
K11 vs. K20

What’s Kingdom Merge Event? 

During the Kingdom Merge event, the two kingdoms will enter a special Arena to compete in a Cross-Kingdom Faction War!

  • The Kingdom Merge event follows the same rule as Faction War.
  • Two kingdoms will join the Arena as two different Factions.
  • When the Kingdom Merge event starts, all the players will be automatically teleported into the Arena. It is not supported to opt-out of the Kingdom Merge event, or teleport back to the original kingdom because this is the final Kingdom Merge event.
  • The amount of Fortresses in each Faction will be decreased.
  • The Contested Period of all Fortresses and the Citadel will be reduced to 12 hours, and the Protection Period will be reduced to 8 hours.

How to win the Kingdom Merge Event?

  • This Kingdom Merge Event will last for maximum 1 week.
  • If one Kingdom conquers the Citadel of another Kingdom and hold it through the contested period, it wins the war!
  • If neither of the two kingdoms are able to conquer the Citadel of the other kingdom within 1 week, then the Kingdom which scores the highest Territory points wins! The Territory Points of each Faction/kingdom will be displayed in the [Factions] dialog.
  • In case there is a tie in Territory Points, the kingdom, which owns the Temple Region at the end of 1-week event, wins the war!

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