New Update v3.8.6 Available Soon!

Attention Warlords! A new update (v3.8.6) have just passed the certifications on all platforms and will be available for download in the next 24 hours!

What’s New
● Improved the performance of the World View! – With this new release, we improved the performance of the world view by almost 300%! It improves the overall map navigation experience and empowers battles at larger scale.

Note that, with this change, the Army Marching Line will no longer be hidden in the middle. It will become entirely visible from the origination to the destination.

● Adjusted the stats of Elite Unit Anubis! – With this change, the Anubis Elite Unit will become stronger when fighting against Mammoth, and Lava Bomb, and weaker against Reaper (this change will take effect in 48 hours)

Bug fixes
● Fixed a random crash issue on iPhone X during Game Start when the game tries to connect to the Game Center.
● Disabled Game Center Achievement Collection because Apple deprecated Game Center support starting iOS 10.
Notice – The iOS Game Center Integration will be disabled in the next client update.

Check back often for more updates!