Throne War Tournament • 2nd Round coming soon!

Throne War Tournament-2

Attention Warlords! The 2nd round of Throne War Tournament is coming at 12:00 (noon) on 8/31 (PST)!

This round will be organized among the 5 winning Guilds from 1st round, and the Empress’ Guild K3 • PowerElites. They will compete with each other in the 1:1 Temple-Conquer Arena!

Moreover, per popular request, we will organize a Repechage for all remaining ancient kingdoms to compete in a Guild War Arena! The No.1 guild from Repechage will then compete with the winning Guilds from 2nd round in the SEMI-FINAL!

The 2nd Round (Temple-Conquer Arena): 

Time (48 hours) Arena  Temple-conquer Arena
12:00 (noon), 08/31 ~ 12:00, 09/02 Arena 171 K3 • PowerElites
K5 • RebornK5
12:00 (noon), 08/31 ~ 12:00, 09/02 Arena 172 K6 • DeathAscendinG
K7 • Alpha1
12:00 (noon), 08/31 ~ 12:00, 09/02 Arena 173 K11 • InfernoHellFire
K21 • Assassins.


The Repechage (Guild War Arena):
With this Repechage, guilds from the remaining ancient kingdoms have another shot to win a seat in the SEMI-FINAL! The Repechage is organized as an Arena Guild War, starting at 8:00 on 9/1 (PST), and will last for 1 week! Only 1 Guild will win and proceed to the SEMI-FINAL!

Time (1 week) Arena Guild War Arena 
08:00, 09/01 ~ 08:00, 09/08 Arena 174 K1, K2, K4, K8, K10, K12,
K15, K17, K18, K19, K22

What’s Temple-Conquer Arena?

The Temple-Conquer Arena is battled at the Guild Level. This Arena is all about conquering and holding the Temple of the Arena! It is a special Event organized for the 2nd Round of the Tournament, and the winning Guild will proceed to the SEMI-FINAL!

  • This Event is all about conquering and holding the Temple of the Arena!
  • Holding a Temple will grant significant amount of points!
  • Kill as many enemy troops as you can to score points to collect milestone rewards!
  • Important: Only the initial 100 members, that are in the Guild at the time when the Arena starts, can join the Temple-Conquer Arena. Then during the Arena, the member list of the participating guilds will be locked down, which means no member can quit or join the guild. Only the Guild leaders can kick a member during the Temple-Conquer Arena.
  • During this round of Temple-Conquer Arena, you can teleport between the Arena and your home kingdom anytime you want and many times you want. There is no restriction. If you wish to opt-out of the Arena War, simply stay inside your home kingdom, and your city will not be teleported into the Arena.
  • Hero gets 50% MORE experience when participating in Arena Temple Conquer.

Winning Condition

  • The Guild that scores the highest Guild points in Arena wins this Temple-Conquer Arena!

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