Arena 182 · Fighters.Of.K1 Won the Throne War Tournament • SEMI-FINAL!


The Guild Fighters.Of.K1 has won the Throne War Tournament • SEMI-FINAL in Arena 182!

This battle between K11 · InfernoHellFire and K1 · Fighters.Of.K1 was an incredible seesaw: the arena changed hands multiple times. Both Guilds showed great coordination, strategy and courage. Congratulations to every warrior in this EPIC battle!

Congratulations to K1 · (F0K) PAWANPUTRA and his fellow members on entering the Throne War Final!

Throne War Tournament_Final

A special Arena Guild Medal will be rewarded in 24 hours!

Medals_A182_No1 Medals_A182_No2

Moreover, the TOP 100 players who scored the most KILL points will be rewarded with a special Arena Solo Kill Medal in 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.29.38 AM

The Gem Tiles will start spawning in the home kingdom of the winning Guild at 8:00, 9/18 Tuesday (PST).

The next Throne War Final details will be announced soon! Check back often for more News!