Throne War Final Coming Soon!

Throne War Tournament_Final_News

Attention Warlords! The Throne War Final is coming this week on Saturday, 9/29 at 8:00 PST ! It will last exactly 7 days. Leader of the winning guild from this Throne War will become the new Emperor / Empress

Participating Guilds include:

  • K1 · Fighters.Of.K1
  • K7 · Alpha1

What’s the Throne War?
The Throne War is organized for the Throne War Tournament winning Guilds to compete and challenge the supreme title “Emperor / Empress“!


  • When the Throne War starts, the Throne will be randomly placed on the World Map in the Throne War Battleground.
  • The location of the Throne will show up on the mini-map so that everyone can find it easily.
  • The 1st player (either a leader or a member), who finds the Throne and teleports onto it, will become the Throne owner.
  • The Throne will be automatically and randomly teleported to a new location once every 4 hours. The owner of the Throne will be teleported along with the Throne to the new location.
  • The Throne cannot be teleported to the edges or corners of the world map.
  • The Throne Owner has a Teleport cool-down of 1 hour.


  • The Throne owner can not teleport to a location where there are shielded cities within the range of its special Lava Crack area because of the rule ‘No Shield on Lava‘.
  • During the Throne War, the members of all participating Guilds can teleport between the Throne War battleground and their home kingdom. The only exception is the Throne owner.
  • Only the initial 100 members, that are in the Guild at the time when the Throne War starts, can join the Throne War. During the Throne War, the member list of the participating guilds will be locked down, which means no member can quit or join the guild. Only the Guild leaders can kick a member during the Throne War.

Throne War Medals:
Special Medals will be given to Emperor/Empress, the Winning Guild, and the players who scored the Top 100 on the Solo Kill Leaderboard in the Throne War. These Medals will be sealed to the Lord Profile and last permanently.

Emperor / Empress 


The Winning Guild


Top 100 on the Solo Kill Leaderboard


Throne War Special Titles: 

  • The new Emperor/Empress will have the power to grant 6 Special Titles to selected lords.
  • These titles will expire after 1 month.


More information about Throne War can be found at:
Menu > Help > Throne War

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