Cross-Faction Kill Event • Coming Soon!

Cross-faction Kill Event

<Updated the rule for scoring points and added Q&A section> 

Attention warlords! A special Cross-faction Kill Event (Inner Kingdom) is coming at 8:00, 10/6/2018 Saturday (PST time)! This event will last for 24 hours! Get ready to BURN the rival Factions! Crush your enemies and destroy their cities, but watch out – your enemies are coming to challenge yours!

Important: This event is organized specially for kingdoms which are undergoing Faction War! You must kill troops from another faction in order to score points and gain rewards.

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time Cross-Faction Kill Events (24 hours)
8:00, 10/6 Saturday (PST)
Kingdom #23:
Earth vs. Air vs. Fire 
8:00, 10/6 Saturday (PST)
Kingdom #24:
Earth vs. 
Air vs. Fire vs. Water

What is Cross-Faction Kill Event?

This is a special event for Killing Troops in your kingdom!


  • Focus on the CITIES and ARMIES from other factions in your kingdom!
  • Kill as many troops from another faction as you can to win this round of Cross-Faction Kill Event!

How to Score Points? 
You can score points towards the Cross-Faction Kill Event by executing specific actions. The followings are some examples:

  • Kill troops from other factions in your kingdom.
  • [Updated] Kill Skeletons in War Zone Only in your kingdom.

Rewards and Event Leaderboard:

  • Milestone prizes will be delivered throughout the event once the Players/Guilds reach the milestones points requirement.
  • Once the Event ends, the Guild and Solo Leaderboards will be automatically updated in the Event History page, and the highest scoring Players/Guilds are rewarded Leaderboard Prizes. You can find it at: Menu > Event > Kingdom > History.

[Added] Q&A: 

  • [Question]: Will players get extra bonus for battle in Cross-Faction Kill Event?
    No, Hero will not get extra bonus, but we will consider it future improvements.
  • [Question]: Will teleport cool down change from 30min to 20min as in other events?
    No, teleport cool down remains 30mins in Cross-Faction Kill Events.
  • [Question]: Will there be Gem tile after the event?
    No, there will be no Gem Tile Respawn after the event.

Check back often for more updates!