Cross-Faction Kill Event • Coming Soon!

Cross-faction Kill Event

Attention warlords! A special Cross-Faction Kill Event (Inner Kingdom) is coming at 8:00, 10/13/2018 Saturday (PST time)! This event will last for 24 hours! Get ready to BURN the rival Factions! Crush your enemies and destroy their cities, but watch out – your enemies are coming to challenge yours!

Important: This event is organized specially for kingdoms which are undergoing Faction War! You must kill troops from another faction in order to score points and gain rewards.

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time Cross-Faction Kill Events (24 hours)
8:00, 10/13 Saturday (PST)
Kingdom #23:
Earth vs. Air vs. Fire 
8:00, 10/13 Saturday (PST)
Kingdom #24:
Earth vs. 
Air vs. Fire vs. Water

What is Cross-Faction Kill Event?

This is a special event for Killing Troops in your kingdom!


  • Focus on the CITIES and ARMIES from other factions in your kingdom!
  • Kill as many troops from another faction as you can to win this round of Cross-Faction Kill Event!

How to Score Points? 
You can score points towards the Cross-Faction Kill Event by executing specific actions. The followings are some examples:

  • Kill troops from other factions in your kingdom.
  • Kill Skeletons in War Zone Only in your kingdom.

Rewards and Event Leaderboard:

  • Milestone prizes will be delivered throughout the event once the Players/Guilds reach the milestones points requirement.
  • Once the Event ends, the Guild and Solo Leaderboards will be automatically updated in the Event History page, and the highest scoring Players/Guilds are rewarded Leaderboard Prizes. You can find it at: Menu > Event > Kingdom > History.


  • [Question]: Will players get extra bonus for battle in Cross-Faction Kill Event?
    No, Hero will not get extra bonus, but we will consider it future improvements.
  • [Question]: Will teleport cool down change from 30min to 20min as in other events?
    No, teleport cool down remains 30mins in Cross-Faction Kill Events.
  • [Question]: Will there be Gem tile after the event?
    No, there will be no Gem Tile Respawn after the event.
  • [Question]: Will the existing Faction Border change during this event?
    No, Faction Border will not be changed by this event.
  • [Question]: Can players teleport to the homeland of enemy faction?
    No, players still can not teleport to an enemy faction’s homeland (behind the Faction Border). But Faction Border doesn’t stop enemy’s armies from crossing!

Check back often for more updates!