The Masters Cup Tournament is Coming!

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<Added Q&A section> 

Attention Warlords! “The Masters Cup Tournament” is coming! The first round, Arena Guild War, will start 8:00 am on 10/20/2018 Saturday (PST)! It is the qualifying match to win the ticket for your kingdom to advance into the second round of Masters Cup Tournament. 

We design this round of Tournament in the spirit of team work and encourage collaboration across guilds. In the 1st round, Guilds will fight to win a ticket for their ENTIRE kingdom to advance into the 2nd round. In the Semi-Final, each guild can pick another guild from any available ancient kingdom as its ally to fight alongside with them. The winning guild will advance to the FINAL match!

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, we also prepared special & exciting events for other kingdoms! Stay tuned for more exciting news.

1st Round Participating Kingdoms: 

Time (1 week) Arena  Arena Guild War 
08:00, 10/20 – 08:00, 10/27 Arena 301 K1 vs. K4 vs. K19 vs. K21
08:00, 10/20 – 08:00, 10/27 Arena 302 K2 vs. K5 vs. K7 vs. K18 vs. K22
08:00, 10/20 – 08:00, 10/27 Arena 303 K3 vs. K6 vs. K10 vs. K12
08:00, 10/20 – 08:00, 10/27 Arena 304 K8 vs. K11 vs. K15 vs. K17

1st Round Rules: 

  • The 1st round of Tournament is organized as an Arena Guild War!
  • Guilds in the 1st round will fight to win the Ticket for their ENTIRE Kingdom to advance into the 2nd round.
  • The Top 3 kingdoms from Arena 301, Arena 303, Arena 304 and the Top 4 kingdoms from Arena 302, will each win a ticket to advance into the 2nd round.
  • The ranking of each Kingdom is decided by the ranking of its highest ranked Guild in the Territory Leaderboard.
  • The lowest ranked kingdom from each Arena will be joining a Special Event designed just for them!
  • See below illustration. It shows how the ranking of Kingdom is decided in each Arena.
Guild Guild
Kingdom A: Guild A #1 Kingdom A is #1
Kingdom A: Guild AA #2
Kingdom B: Guild B #3 Kingdom B is #2
Kingdom C: Guild C #4 Kingdom C is #3

[Added] Q&A: 

  • [Question]: Will there be Gem tile after the event?
    Yes, the
    #1 ranked Guild in the arena will also win Gem Tiles for their home Kingdom!
  • [Question]: Will there be any medals for this Arena?
    Yes, there will be Guild War Medals for this round of Arenas.
  • [Question]: Do I have to be in the Arena throughout this round of Arena Guild War?
    No, during this round of Guild War, you can teleport between the Arena and your home kingdom anytime you want and many times you want. There is no restriction. If you wish to opt-out of the Guild War, simply stay inside your home kingdom, and your city will not be teleported into the Arena.
  • [Question]: Will players be able to change guilds on that Arena or join guilds from other kingdoms?
    Players will be able to join another guild from their own kingdom in the Arena. It is currently NOT supported to join a guild from a different kingdom in the Guild War.
  • [Question]: What is the Contested Period and Protected Period for this Arena Guild War?
    Contested Period and Protect Period are both 12 hours for this 1-week Arena Guild War.
  • [Question]: Is there any other battle rule change for this round of Arena Guild War?
    No, all other rules are the same as standard Arena Guild War, except the special rules called out in “1st Round Rules” Section above.
Stay tuned for more news and detailed event rules about the upcoming Event of the Year – Masters Cup Tournament!