Halloween Spooky Sale!


Happy HalloweenThe Halloween Spooky Sale is back! It contains a spooky pumpkin with free gifts and offers an incredible value bigger than ever!

Nothing makes a better gift than lighting up a Spooky Pumpkin in the front yard of your friends’ City! The pumpkin must be planted in the world view (outside of Lava Crack), from which all your guild members can collect a Guild Gift every day until it disappears in 4 days! Additionally, a limited number of players outside of your guild can collect a Stone gift every day, first come first serve!

Moreover, a limited-time Halloween Super Sale Event will start at the same time, which makes the deal so much sweeter! This Halloween Super Sale ends soon! Hurry before they are gone!

We wish you a Spooktacular Halloween!


Stay tuned for more exciting news!