Masters Cup Tournament 2nd Round · Result!

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Tournament_2nd_Nov 2018

Congratulations to the Guilds Fighters.of.K1United.NationsPowerElites.DRaGoNS. for wining the 2nd round Arena Guild War! This round of Arena wars ignited extraordinary battles among some of the most formidable rivals ever to seek the victory. Congratulations to all the players who fought long and hard in these EPIC battles!

As promised, the leaders of the winning guilds can choose to team up with another guild from any kingdom to fight alongside them in the upcoming Semi-Final! The list of chosen Guilds will be announced once they are decided by the leaders.

A special Arena Guild Medal will be rewarded in 24 hours!

Medals_A316_No1 Medals_A317_No1 Medals_A318_No1 Medals_A319_No1
Medals_A316_No2 Medals_A317_No2 Medals_A318_No2 Medals_A319_No2
Medals_A316_No3 Medals_A317_No3 Medals_A318_No3 Medals_A319_No3

Moreover, the TOP 100 players who scored the most KILL points will be rewarded with a special Arena Solo Kill Medal in 24 hours.
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The Gem Tiles will start spawning in the home kingdom of the winning Guilds at 8:00, 11/13 Tuesday (PST).

Semi-FINAL: Guild Group Fight

  • The Semi-Final of the Tournament will be organized as a Temple Conquer Arena!
  • The Winning guilds from the 2nd round can team up with another guild from any kingdom as its ally to fight alongside them during Semi-Final.
  • The initial 100 members of each guild, who were in the guild at the time when the event started, can join the Temple Conquer Arena.
  • During the event, the member list of the participating guilds will be locked down, which means no member can quit or join the guild. Only Guild leaders can kick a member during the event.

Semi-FINAL: Rewards and Winning Condition

  • The arena points of the two allied Guild will be added up together as the Guild Group’s Total Points.
  • Note that, the allied guilds will remain two separated guilds when battling in the Arena, which means your allied guild cannot reinforce the temple owned by your guild.
  • Moreover, attacks between these two allied guilds are not prevented, and you will not gain any points when attacking members of an allied guild.
  • The Arena Guild Event’s Milestones and Leaderboard rewards are calculated based on the Guild Group’s Total Points.
  • The two allied guilds will receive the same amount of Milestone & Leaderboard rewards. They will both receive Guild Medals, and both their home kingdoms will get Gem Tiles.
  • Solo milestones and leaderboard are based on the Solo Kill points of each individual player.

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