New Update v3.10.10 Available Soon!

Happy Early Thanksgiving! We have a great news! A new update (v3.10.10) have finally passed the certification and will be available for download on all platforms in the next 24 hours!

What’s New:

● Introducing the new Survival Battle Arena! – The 1st and most intense PvP battle arena!

In this Arena, your main objective is to stay alive and gain as many Arena Points as possible! You can gain Arena Points by massively defeating another player, and each time you boot another player, you get all their pointsAll survivors will get rewards and the more Arena Points you gain, the better rewards you will get!

Schedule of the 1st Survival Battle Arena: 

  • Joining Period: 12 hours
    • The Arena will open on 8am, 11/16, PST time. The joining period lasts for 12 hours. Players can join the Arena anytime between 8am ~ 8pm, 11/16, PST time.
    • During the Joining Period, players can not attack each other!
  • Battling Period: 28 hours 
    • The Battle begins on 8pm, 11/16, PST time.
    • The Battle will last 28 hours until the Event ends on 12am, 11/18, PST time.
    • The Arena will shrink by 1 layer every 4 hours.
    • The Center region will last for 8 hours.
    • Note that, in this survival Arena, you can attack any targets, including players from your own guild!



● Adjusted the stats of Elite Unit Anubis!
With this change, Anubis’ splash damage will be slightly reduced and it will no longer be strong against Mage. This change will take effect in 48 hours.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added new Guild’s Coat of Arm icons! – In recent updates, we added 16 more Coat of Arm icons for Guilds.
  • Updated the design of armies’ matching line.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents Help Topics to be opened on iOS devices.
  • Fixed a navigation bug that Menu > Kingdom was navigating to a fortress instead of player’s kingdom view.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!