“Survival Battle Arena” • Result!

Guild War coming

Congratulations to all surviving warriors for winning the 1st ever Survival Battle Arena”!

In the past 28 hours, players from all four kingdoms (K6, K17, K18, K19) participated this extraordinary battle and stood their groundYou have shown us your strategy and courage to battle in the most intense PvP Survival battle arenaThe Event Reward goes to all surviving warriors! 

Congratulations to K6 • (S6L) Arvy for scoring the highest points and ranked No.1 in this Survival Event! You also won the Gem Tiles for Kingdom DawnofEarth


A special Arena Medal will be rewarded to all surviving warriors in 24 hours!

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 11.45.28 PM

The Gem Tiles will start spawning in Kingdom DawnofEarth at 8:00, 11/20 Tuesday (PST). 

Check back often for more updates!