The Masters Cup Tournament • SEMI-FINAL Coming Soon!

MastersCup Tournament_SEMI-Final3

Attention Warlords! The SEMI-FINAL of “The Masters Cup Tournament” is coming! This round of Temple Conquer Arena War will start at 8:00, 11/23, and finish at 8:00, 11/25(PST)

The winning guilds from the 2nd round have chosen their allied guilds to fight alongside them in the upcoming Semi-Final.

SEMI-FINAL Participating Kingdoms: 

Time (2 days) Arena  Temple Conquer Arena 
08:00, 11/23 – 08:00, 11/25 Arena 321 K1 • Fighters.Of.K1 + K11 •  InfernoHellFire
K2 • United.Nations + K5 •  RebornK5
08:00, 11/23 – 08:00, 11/25 Arena 322 K3 • PowerElites+ K4 •  InfiniteFire
K8 • .DRaGoNS. + K21 •  Assassins.



SEMI-FINAL, Temple-Conquer Arena, is battled at the Guild Level.

  • This Event is all about conquering and holding the Temple of the Arena!
  • Holding a Temple will grant significant amount of points!
  • Kill as many enemy troops as you can to score points to collect milestone rewards!
  • The initial 100 members of each guild, who were in the guild at the time when the event started, can join the Temple Conquer Arena.
  • During the event, the member list of the participating guilds will be locked down, which means no member can quit or join the guild. Only Guild leaders can kick a member during the event.
  • Your Guild and Allied Guild member’s cities are displayed in Blue.Your Allied guild member’s troops and marching lines are displayed in white.
  • Enemy’s cities, and their troops/marching lines are displayed in Red.

Rewards and Winning Condition

  • The arena points of the two allied Guild will be added up together as the Guild Group’s Total Points.
  • The allied guilds will remain two separated guilds when battling in the Arena, which means your allied guild cannot reinforce the temple owned by your guild.
  • Moreover, attacks between these two allied guilds are not prevented, and you will not gain any points when attacking members of an allied guild.
  • The Arena Guild Event’s Milestones and Leaderboard rewards are calculated based on the Guild Group’s Total Points.
  • The two allied guilds will receive the same amount of Milestone & Leaderboard rewards. They will both receive Guild Medals, and both their home kingdoms will get Gem Tiles.
  • Solo milestones and leaderboard are based on the Solo Kill points of each individual player.
  • Note that, the main Guild of this Guild group will advance to the FINAL!

Stay tuned for more news!