Masters Cup Tournament SEMI-FINAL • Result!

MastersCup Tournament_SEMI-Final_result2

MastersCup Tournament_SEMI-Final_winners3

Congratulations to the Guilds United.Nations + RebornK5 and PowerElites + InfiniteFire for winning the Arena Guild War • SEMI-FINAL! 

This battle marks the first ever Temple Conquer Arena event that you fight alongside your Allied Guild. Together, you become stronger and more powerful. It was an extraordinary battle among some of the most formidable rivals ever to seek the victory. Congratulations to all the players who fought hard and tirelessly in this EPIC battle!

Congratulations to K2 · (#K2) …RIP…, and K3 · (PE) VoLaTiLe and their fellow members on entering the Masters Cup Tournament • Final!

A special Arena Guild Medal will be rewarded in 24 hours!

Medals_A321_No1 Medals_A321_No1 Medals_A321_No2 Medals_A321_No2
Medals_A322_No1 Medals_A322_No1 Medals_A322_No2 Medals_A322_No2

Moreover, the TOP 100 players who scored the most KILL points in each arena will be rewarded with a special Arena Solo Kill Medal in 24 hours.


The Gem Tiles will start spawning in the home kingdom of the winning Guilds at 8:00, 11/27 Tuesday (PST).

The Masters Cup Tournament Final details will be announced soon! Check back often for more News!