Cross-Kingdom Faction War is coming!

Arena_Faction_War_Dec 2018

Attention Warlords! The “Cross-Kingdom Faction War” is coming to {K1, K2, K4, K8} and {K3, K5, K6, K7} in two weeks!

This round of Cross-Kingdom Faction War will be limited to 3 months. In case the Arena is not united in 3 months, the faction with the highest territory point wins. Get your Troops training and your Research running! Don’t miss out this thrilling event!

Participating Kingdoms:

Arena  Cross-Kingdom Faction War
Arena 327 K1, K2, K4, K8
Arena 328 K3, K5, K6, K7

What if two kingdoms belong to the same Faction?
Because K1 & K2, K4 & K8, and K3 & K7belong to the same Factions, we will reach out and work with the Legendary Kings (or the leader of the guild with most power) to choose different Factions. In case the conflict could not be worked out peacefully, Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Events will be organized among these kingdoms to settle the conflicts!

What’s Cross-Kingdom Faction War?

  • It takes place in the Arena and follows the same rules as Faction War.
  • Each Arena involves 3 to 4 ancient kingdoms. Each Ancient Kingdom joins the Arena as a Faction (of its own).
  • This Cross-Kingdom Faction War will be limited to 3 months.
  • If the Arena is not united in 3 months, the faction with the highest territory point wins.
  • During the Cross-Kingdom Faction War, players will earn Arena Kill Points, instead of the standard honor points.

Event Rules: 

  • When one Faction is defeated, players in that Faction will have a chance to join another Faction and continually participate the Arena War (just like how it works in the Faction War).
  • Players from both factions (Winning & Defending) who fought hard and fearless will receive a Special Reward.
  • The more Arena Points you gain, the better reward you will get!
  • When one Faction defeats all other factions, the Arena ends and the players will return to their Home Kingdoms after the final round of rewards are deposited.
  • Note that, players in participating kingdoms can not opt-out of the Cross-Kingdom Faction War, nor teleport out of Arena before the event end.

Check back often for more updates!