Cross-Kingdom Faction War is coming to K3, K5, K6 & K7!

Faction War_K3

Great news! We have received the confirmation from K7 leaders that they have chosen Water Faction for TheTitans! Therefore, the “Cross-Kingdom Faction War” is coming to K3, K5, K6 and K7 this weekend at 8:00, 12/22 PST! 

Note that, this round of Cross-Kingdom Faction War will be limited to 3 months. If the Arena is not united in 3 months, the faction with the highest territory point wins. Get your Troops training and your Research running! Don’t miss out this thrilling event!

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time Arena  Cross-Kingdom Faction War
08:00, 12/22 (PST) Arena 328 K3, K5, K6, K7

What’s Cross-Kingdom Faction War? 

  • It takes place in the Arena and follows the same rules as Faction War.
  • Each Arena involves 3 to 4 ancient kingdoms. Each Ancient Kingdom joins the Arena as a Faction (of its own).
  • This Cross-Kingdom Faction War will be limited to 3 months.
  • If the Arena is not united in 3 months, the faction with the highest territory point wins.
  • During the Cross-Kingdom Faction War, players will earn Arena Points, instead of the standard honor points.

Resource Tiles

  • High level Resource Tiles (Gold, Mithril and Crystal) will be re-spawned throughout the Arena in both homeland and Warzone regions, including other Arenas (325 and 326).

Bonus & Benefits 

  • To celebrate the holidays, a 50% Hero bonus will be applied to all kingdoms throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • The previous “Arena Special One-time Benefits” and “Arena Special On-going Bonus” no longer applies to this round of Cross-kingdom Faction War

Event Rules

  • When one Faction is defeated, players in that Faction will have a chance to join another Faction and continually participate the Arena War (just like how it works in the Faction War).
  • Players have 2 days Consideration Period and 3 days Decision Period to join another Faction.
  • Players from both factions (Winning & Defending) who fought hard and fearless will receive a Special Reward.
  • The more Arena Points you gain, the better reward you will get!
  • When one Faction defeats all other factions, the Arena ends and the players will return to their Home Kingdoms after the final round of rewards are deposited.
  • Players in participating kingdoms can not opt-out of the Cross-Kingdom Faction War, and cannot teleport out of Arena before the event end.

Arena Points

  • Arena Points is about Killing Troops from enemy Factions, similar to the KvK Fortress Solo Event.
  • Killing troops on Lava Crack and in Temple / Fortress / Citadel will receive 5x more points than other areas.
  • Killing troops from the same faction will not receive Arena points.
  • There is no discount on point calculation on either attacker or defender.
  • The Faction War striking and defending rewards will be decided by Arena Points.


Territory Points

  • Your faction’s real-time Territory Points can be found via Menu > Kingdom > Factions > Information icon
  • The Faction Territory Points will be re-calculated once 4 hours.

Check back often for more updates!