Cross-Kingdom Faction War is coming to K1, K2, K4 & K8!

Faction War_K1_1

Great news! We have received the confirmations from K1, K2, K4, and K8 leaders on the faction choices! Therefore, the “Cross-Kingdom Faction War” is coming to K1, K2, K4 and K8 this weekend as well at 9:00, 12/22 (PST)!

This round of Cross-Kingdom Faction War will be limited to 3 months. If the Arena is not united in 3 months, the faction with the highest territory point wins. Get your Troops training and your Research running! Don’t miss out this thrilling event!

Moreover, a 24-hour special Cross-Faction Kill Event is also coming to Arena 327 at 9:00, 12/22 (PST).

Participating Kingdoms:

Start Time Arena  Cross-Kingdom Faction War
09:00, 12/22 (PST) Arena 327 K1, K2, K4, K8

Check back often for more updates!