Happy New Year, 2019!


Happy New Year to you all! 

In 2018, we laughedfought and conquered together in Storm of Wars. Kingdoms united, arenas battled, thrones conquered and four Emperors/Empress coronated

Hail to Emperor • (D26) .DRaGoNS., Empress • (PE) KungfuSuguah, Emperor • (A.1) .Anderson., and Emperor • (PE) VoLaTiLe!

The New Year is here! Our dedication and determination to bring the top-notch real-time strategy games to you has never been stronger. Amazing new features and incredible fresh activities are awaiting!

To celebrate the New Year, a giant Christmas Tree will be planted around mid-night, tonight (PST) near the Temple in all the Arenas and Kingdoms (K25, K26, K27). It will last 4 days. Hurry before it’s gone!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, we wish you prosperity and happiness. Cheers!