Arena K325 · Earth Faction Won!


Congratulations to the Governor (AQR) Spiff of the Earth Faction for winning the Cross-kingdom Faction War!

Hail to the victory!

Returning time
All players in Arena will be returned to their original kingdoms on 3/3.

Special Medal 
Special Medals will be given to Governors and the players who scored the Top 100 on the Arena Points leaderboard when Arena ends on 3/1.

medals-Governor Solo_Kill_Blue_2

A special Arena Guild Medal will be rewarded to Governors’s Guild in 24 hoursNote, one guild will not receive more than 1 Medal.


Rewards for Winning Faction

Congratulations to Earth Faction who scored the most Arena Territory Points to be our Winning Faction!

All players from winning faction who scored enough Arena Points will receive a Striking reward!

Guild leaderboards

Top 10 guilds on Cross kingdom faction war event leaderboard receive a Leaderboard reward. Please refer to the Prizes tap of the event page for details.

Rewards for Ruling Guilds

In additional to the Faction War rewards, the ruling guilds will receive Ten Guild Gifts in 24 hours. Note, one guild will not receive more than 10 Gifts.

The Governors‘ Guilds will each receive 10 Gold Guild Gifts.




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