Kingdom merge event Q&A

Attention warlords!

After announcing the kingdom merge events, we received many questions from players. To answer the most common questions, we prepared this Q&A section:

Q: What’s the contested period and protected period for the fortresses in Kingdom Merge Arena?

A: The contested period is 24 hours and the protected period is 12 hours in the Kingdom Merging Arena. And we use unified contested period and protected period in the arena. This means the contested period will not increase per layer.


Q: How to win the Arena?


1) If one Kingdom conquers the Citadel of another Kingdom and hold it through the contested period, it wins the war!

2) If neither of the two kingdoms is able to conquer the Citadel of the other kingdom within 2 week, then the Kingdom which scores the highest Territory points wins! The Territory Points of each Faction/kingdom will be displayed in the [Factions] dialog.

3) In case there is a tie in Territory Points, the kingdom, which owns the Temple Region at the end of 2-week event, wins the war! Own the temple region means the faction has hold the temple through the protected period. If none of the kingdoms owns the Temple Region, the kingdom who owns the temple by the end of the arena wins. 


Q: How are the Territory points calculated?

A: The territory point of a kingdom is added by the points of all regions the kingdom owns. Each region yields different points. Please refer to following table for details.

Region Territory Points
Temple Region 6 Points for Temple Region
Fortress Region in enemy’s Homeland 3, 4, 8 Points for region in each layer
(from outside to inside; 8 Points for Citadel Region)
Fortress Region in your own Homeland 1 point for each region
Fortress Region in War Zone 2 Points for each region


Q: What are the rewards for the Kingdom merge arena?

A: The rewards of Kingdom merge arena has Guild milestone rewards, solo milestone rewards during the event. After the event finished, the top 4 guilds on the guild event leaderboard will receive Guild leaderboard rewards, the top 200 players on the solo event leaderboard will receive Solo leaderboard rewards.

The winning kingdom will receive gem tiles, The gem tile will be scheduled on the coming Tuesday after the Arena’s regular end time. There will not be Guild medals and Solo medals for Kingdom merge arena. There will not be Striking and Defending rewards for Kingdom merge arena.


Q: When will the player of the defeated kingdom get migrated?


  • When the events end, all players will return to their home kingdoms automatically.
  • SoW team will announce the time when we migrate all the players over from the defeated kingdom.


Q: Can we rename the new kingdom after merge?

A: Yes. The king of the new kingdom will have a chance to rename the kingdom. After the players of the winning kingdom are sent home, the lead of the first guild which holds the temple through contested period will be the king to nominate the kingdom. If the temple of the winning kingdom has never entered contested period, the temple owner will be the king to nominate the kingdom after 72 hours of the Arena ending time.


Stay tuned for more updates!