Kingdom DawnofEarth (K6) Won the Kingdom Merge!


Congratulation to K6, Kingdom DawnofEarth on scoring the most Arena territory points during the Kingdom Merge Event! By collaborating with all the guilds from K6, Kingdom DawnofEarth has won the Kingdom Merge Event!

Hail to the Kingdom DawnofEarth and congratulations to all players who participated the Kingdom Merge Event!

What’s Next? 

  • When the events end, all players will return to their home kingdoms automatically.
  • After returning to home, the leader of the first guild of the winning kingdom who hold their temple through the contested period will be the king to rename the merged kingdom. If the temple has never entered contested period after 72 hours, the temple region owner will be the king to rename the merged kingdom.
  • The kingdom merge process will start within 24 hours after the king’s coronation.
  • The gem mines will come to K6 at 04/16/2019 8:00AM PST.

What I should expect from Kingdom Merge? 

  • All active players from K12 will be merged into K6.
  • During kingdom merge, a 2 hours maintenance will be scheduled in K12.
  • After kingdom merge, players from K12 will find their cities being automatically teleported into a random location in K6. A 24 hours city shield will be applied to their cities initially.

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