Hail to the Legendary King of newly merged K3!


Congratulation to (PE) VoLaTiLe on conquering the temple of the K3 – PowerofFire and becoming the Legendary King of the united kingdom of K3 and K19!

Hail to the Legendary King, (PE) VoLaTiLe and congratulations to all players of PowerElites!

What’s Next? 

  • As promised, the Legendary King will be granted the power to rename the kingdom. The new Kingdom name will be announced once it is decided by the King.
  • We will migrate players from K19 to K3 at 11:00 04/18/2019 PST.
  • Gem mines will come to K3 at 8:00 04/23/2019 PST.

What I should expect from Kingdom Merge? 

  • All active players from K19 will be merged into K3.
  • During kingdom merge, a 2 hours maintenance will be scheduled in K19.
  • After kingdom merge, players from K19 will find their cities being automatically teleported into a random location in K3. A 24 hours city shield will be applied to their cities initially.

Check back often for more News!