New Update v3.15.5 Available Soon!

Attention warlords! A new update (v3.15.5) has passed the certification and will be available for download in 24 hours!

What’s New:

● Introduce the cross-kingdom Leaderboard! – The cross-kingdom Leaderboard will rank players from all kingdoms. The players with the same points (for example, City Level) will be ranked based on the time when the level was reached.

● Introduce the redesigned KvK event – the Crown War & the new King title! 

  • The Crown War is designed specially for the Ancient kingdoms.
  • The 1st Crown War is scheduled for next Saturday – 1/25/2020!
  • The Crown War will happen every 2 weeks and last for 24 hours.
  • During the Crown War, 3 kingdoms will be matched together to fight the KvK.
  • The Guild, which holds their Kingdom’s Temple through the contested period (8 hours) within the 24 hours will win the Crown for their guild and kingdom.
  • If no guild can hold for 8 hours, then the guild that holds for the longest time wins.
  • The leader of the winning Guild will have the power to appoint a new King.
  • If your kingdom conquers the Temple of other kingdom/s, that kingdom/s won’t have a King, nor any Kingdom Buffs for 2 weeks.
  • The new king will be added to the Hall of Kings – a permanent list of all kings of the kingdom!

● Introduce the Hall of Kings! – The leader of the crown-war winning Guild will have the power to appoint a king. This king will be added to a permanent king’s history of the kingdom – Hall of Kings. Moreover, the 1st King who united the kingdom will also be listed in the Hall of Kings.

● Introduce the King’s Skills & Kingdom Buffs! – After successfully defending the own Temple, the King will be granted the power to activate Kingdom Buffs for all its players. He or she will also get some special skills, for example, locating any player within the kingdom.

● Introduce Mega Attack and Mega Defense! – During the Crown War, the strongest player of a guild can activate a Mega Attack or Mega Defense on the Temple. Once the Mega Attack / Defense is activated, all their guild members will share the same benefits (stats) as the Attack or Defense leader.


● Improved the usage of Speed Up items! – Now the game will automatically calculate how many speed ups you need to do upgrades based on what speed ups are available in the bag.


● Add the Change Lord Name item into the Shop! – Now you can get the item at the cost of Gems directly from Shop > Special.

● Removed the limit of speeding up a march! – Previously a march can only be speeded up 5 times maximum. Now this limit is removed.

● Removed the auto-logout! – Players will no longer be automatically logged out due to inactively.

● Improved the Guild Chat by moving fortress battle messages to a separate System channel per community request.

Check back frequently for more exciting news!